Investment Team The Whitecastle New Urban Fund is managed by Diamondcorp, a Toronto-based land development firm. Diamondcorp’s executive team has expertise that spans across all facets of the industry, and a proven track record of success.
Stephen Diamond
  Stephen Diamond is President and CEO of Diamond Corp, a Toronto-based land development company actively engaged in the acquisition, approval and development of real estate. Diamondcorp manages the Whitecastle New Urban Fund and the recently launched Whitecastle New Urban Fund 2, which has been established to acquire properties with the potential to increase in value through the intensification process.

Bob Blazevski

  Bob Blazevski has 25 years of land development experience with some of the top developers in the GTA. His scope of professional work over this period includes the development approvals process, where he has managed over fifty major land development projects in the GTA. Bob’s areas of expertise include assessing new acquisitions, pro-forma analysis and budgeting, strategic project management, negotiating land deal structures,  preparing agreements of …
Lucy Cameron
  Lucy Cameron graduated in 1986 with a Masters in the Science in Planning.  She has 25 years of experience in the planning and development field.  Initiating her career in the public sector, where she worked as an Area Planner for the former City of Etobicoke, and later for the Dufferin Peel Roman Catholic Separate School Board as a school planner, Lucy has a strong foundation in and understanding of the municipal planning process.
David Strom
David Strom is Chief Financial Officer of Whitecastle and he brings his considerable financial experience to each of the Whitecastle Funds.  He has over 20 years’ experience in finance, focusing primarily on real estate development.  Since qualifying as a chartered accountant in 1988, David began working in the private sector for the Enterprise Group as an asset manager. 
  Investment Team 




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